Top Cat - I Only Smoke Marijuana (Max Powa Mix)

Top Cat inna Jungle

Junglist basslines and breaks along with lyrics that are sharp like a razor, from the legendary mc for whom many state as their inspirator, alongside some of the best producers and remixers on the scene today, this is a must for every bass addict and dj

Cat Inna Jungle features a dozen tracks with the legendary vocals of one of the Junglist/Drum n Bass scenes pioneer mcs, Top Cat, along with special guest Demolition (Ras Demo) Man on the track Give Me The Weed, and some of the best dj/producer/remixers in the scene today.

Top Cat inna Jungle
This album from Top Cat features mixes from Jacky Murda's Chopstick Dubplate/JingBong Ting productions, Max Powa, Marcus Visionary and Psycho Freud as top international producers and from the home of Jungle in the UK we have Aries, Benny Page, X Nation, De Jedi and Nine Lives all provide the breaks basses and beats that blast hard on the streets.


1. Just Push It Up (Nine Lives Mix)
2. Still Bun Mi Ganja (Nine Lives Mix)
3. Gunshot (Chopstick Dubplate Mix)
4. Yard Fraud (Maracus Visionary Mix)
5. Give Me the Herb ft. Demolition Man (Ras Demo) (Aries Mix)
6. Mamma (Psychofreud Mix)
7. I Only Smoke Marijunana (Max Powa Mix)
8. No Justice for the Poor (Chopstick Dubplate Mix)
9. Lighta (De Jedi Mix)
10. Request the Style (De Jedi Mix)
11. When god made you he was showing off (Benny Page Mix)
12. Gallist (X Nation Mix)

Top Cat: Cat Inna Jungle


by Max Powa