Dubs from the Multiverse #1

Dubs from the Multiverse #1

Tuff and Powa present:

Dubs from the Multiverse #1

Back from their recent interdimensional excursion, Tuff and Powa return to earth to bring you the latest sonic delicacies created throughout the multiverse.
Loaded with secret dubs, free downloads and unreleased/upcoming tracks, this 45 min. mix gives you a sneak peak into Tuffist and Max Powa's production lab and their colaborations with artists and labels like:

Sub Slayers, Nine Lives, Friendly Fire Band, Zion Train, Moonshine Recordings, Nice Up!, Powa Cuts, Top Cat, Kinetical, Cheshire Cat, Jacky Murda, Gold Dubs, Aries and King Yoof

hosted by: Kinetical and Governor General Ruffian Rugged


1.Outlaw Music ft. Kinetical Tuff and Powa (forthcoming Moonshine Rec.)
2. Babylon Must Crash Tuff and Powa (unsigned)
3. One Sound - Chopstick Dubplate ft. Jr Reid (Tuff and Powa Remix) (secret Dub)
4. King of my Castle Tuff and Powa (secret DUB)
5. Legalize It Friendly Fire Band (Max Powa Remix) (Friendly Fire Music)
6. Hardtimes ft. Cheshire Cat Tuff and Powa (Dubplate)
7. I was a Nuttah - UK Apache (Tuff and Powa Remix)(FREE DL)
8. Chant Down Babylon - Dirty Dubsters ft Chip Fu & Screechy Dan (JingBong Ting Remix) (Nice Up! Rec.)
9. Rainbow Children - Zion Train (Max Powa Remix)
10. Wicked Separate I Tuff and Powa (unsigned)
11. Separation Aries and Gold Dubs meets Max Powa (forthcoming Sub Slayers)
12. No Peace - Max Powa ft. Max Romeo and Eek a Mouse (King Yoof Remix) (forthcoming Powa Cuts)
13. Tonight Tuff and Powa meets Gold Dubs (unsigned)
14. She Wicked Tuff and Powa (unsigned)
15. I Only Smoke Marijuana - Top Cat (Max Powa Mix) (Nine Lives Rec.)

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by Max Powa